These are a few of her favorite things . . .

We recently moved our almost-3-year-old to a big-girl bed in a new room, and I was contemplating how to decorate her new digs.  As I searched through possible decorations in the store, trying to think of what best suits her personality, it occurred to me that we could feature some of her favorite buddies on her wall.  So we set up an impromptu photo session, and here are the results . . .   

10 on 10 March

Spring was trying to peek out through March's 10 on 10 collection.  But alas, the wintry weather would sneak back in before we reached April.  It may seem like any other day in the life of a mother, but I love to document these moments with my children.  I hope that you enjoy!  

10 on 10 February

As an ongoing challenge, I have been working to document the 10th day of each month with 10 images that illustrate the craziness of everyday life in our house (as well as out and about).  Of course, February 10th is just a few days before Valentine's Day, so you can see some hearts (and delicious cookies) featured in this month's excerpt!  

Arismendi/Shoffner Wedding

While the focus of my photography doesn't typically include weddings, I had the pleasure of capturing this small family wedding recently.  Erika and Brent were lucky enough to be married in their own home, surrounded by their family members, and officiated by a close friend.  Their adorable (and sleeping) newborn son made an appearance as well!  Thanks to both Erika and Brent for including me in your special day!  


After much consideration and a lot of encouragement from family and friends, I've decided to launch Katie Brumberg Photography. Photo sessions always leave me excited and energized; this is something that I truly love to do!  It brings me such joy to create emotional images that capture the everyday moments in life.  I hope that you enjoy browsing this site and some of my favorite images included here.  Please feel free to let me know if you would like more information or to schedule a session!