Project 365 Week 26

What a fabulous week!  For a nice change, my photos are focused a little more on my boys than our little girl this week.  Monday's photo features our middle child practicing his breaststroke during swim lessons - swimming a full length of the pool is a huge milestone that he finally met this week!  You can also see his 6-year old toes (where did these big feet come from?!?) practicing his balance on the slackline.  But when it comes to details, you can't forget about our 8-year old's killer eyelashes (yes, I'm definitely envious).  I also took the kids to their first big-time amusement park where many thrills were experienced, just on different levels for each of the kids.  And let's not forget about the annual 4th of July parade; our house is fully stocked with candy which should last us until Halloween.  See you next week!

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